Sunday, March 24, 2013

Holy Week Is Nearly Upon Us

Events and holidays sometimes seem to sneak up on us.  We are just living life, moving along and all the sudden we are two weeks from Christmas, someone's birthday or the church is about a week away from celebrating Easter again.
A few months ago (November) we opened our new sanctuary.  It's seems like forever ago, but it was not.  We celebrated our first Christmas Eve services and kicked off the new year as well.  Now we face Holy Week.
We begin with Palm Sunday.  There is much celebrating and eager anticipation for the kids waiting for candy and Easter egg hunts.  The children of Grace will march through the sanctuary waving palm branches in honor of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
Then we turn toward the darker side of Holy Week.
Maundy Thursday- March 28
This year, we debut a brand new original drama called "Surely Not I!"
We will hear from key Apostles as they realize a betrayer is among them.
They first think they might betray Jesus, but then the accusations fly.  It will be a truly moving experience.  We will also celebrate Holy Communion that night.
Good Friday- March 29
On Good Friday we continue our sermon series "The Sent (rather than receiving) Christian" with
"It's Not About Me?"  Our choir will sing and our confirmation class will help with the service.

And then, the party begins!  We celebrate.

Easter Sunday- March 31
Join us this Easter as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Death was defeated and new life is available for all.  815, 915 and 1030 am.
Easter Egg Hunt for the kids during 915 and 1030 am services.

Go in peace and go with God.

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