Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shrove Tuesday- Fat Tuesday?

What is Shrove Tuesday?  I thought it was Fat Tuesday?  It's the day before Ash Wednesday, which begins our 46/40 day journey to Easter.  Our District Superintendent Reverend Cody Collier shared this recently.

Shrove Tuesday (as in "to shrive," to absolve or do penance) marks the last hurrah before Lent begins. It's the same concept as the festivals of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) or Carnival (farewell to the flesh, carne). In England and some European countries, it is called Pancake Day as the pantry gets cleaned out of extravagant, fatty, cake-like foods that would be a temptation during Lent—in favor of foods that were designated for a journey, such as unleavened bread.

Now that makes more sense.  So as we dine this day, we look toward a time of fasting.  What celebrate and dine if not for the fast?

At Grace, we always focus on two aspects of our Lenten journey.

The word Lent means (spring or forty days).  It denotes the forty six days (minus Sundays because we are not required to fast on Sundays) from Ash Wednesday to Easter.


What are you giving up (fasting) for Lent?

What are you taking on (service) for Lent?

Here are a few ideas.

Give up coffee, pop or soda, chocolate, eating out, Facebook or something else.

Take on serving a meal once a month at Ronald McDonald House, volunteer at Lee's Summit Social Services, volunteer to usher, clean your neighbors yard or just do something nice consistently for someone else.

Lent is a great time to work on your own spiritual life.  It's time to get healthy, think of others and pray for guidance.

So, what are you giving up and taking on for Lent?

And remember, once your receive the imposition of ashes on your forehead, your Lenten commitment is sealed.  Please come prepared to make that commitment.

Go in peace and go with God.

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