Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Story of Grace by Jeremy Vickers

This past month, I published an ebook exclusively through Apple's Ibooks.  It can be downloaded on either the IPad 2 or IPad 3.  Why only there?  Contained in the book are "enhancements".  At the beginning of each chapter, we added video introductions.  This is known as an "Enhanced" ebook.  When I began writing and building the ebook, Apple was the only company that supported these enhanced ebooks.  The Nook (Barnes and Noble) has just come on board as well.  There are rumors the Kindle will allow for Enhanced Ebooks, but currently there are no plans to allow embedded videos.
After a short three week quality assurance process, Ibooks published it directly to their website.

A Story of Grace shares with guests and visitors who we are and what we believe as a church.  Through six chapters, we discuss our local church history, who Jesus Christ is, how we define discipleship, what it means to be missional, and how people can connect here at Grace.  I hope that by doing this we are giving people another opportunity to connect with Grace.  For those who would like to dig beyond worship, our Facebook page or the Website, it gives them a chance to learn more about Grace.

I believe that technology and social media can help, not hinder, the ways in which we can share the story of Jesus.  Previously on this blog I have written extensively on social media and I pray that our churches will continue to strive toward relevance in their communities.

If you would like to take a look at the new book, here is the press release and a link to the book on Itunes.

Press Release

A Story of Grace by Jeremy Vickers
Enhanced Ebook
Available exclusively on the Ipad 2 and 3 on Apple’s Ibooks

Pastor Jeremy Vickers shares congregational insights in his new book.  

Jeremy Vickers, 38, has been lead pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Lee’s Summit for eight years.  In his new book, “A Story of Grace”, he shares a clear and concise vision how all churches should be a “light in the darkness”.  From humble beginnings as a new church start, through a time in the wilderness and now a healthy, vital and growing congregation again, Grace continues to be a relevant witness in their community.

Jeremy drew on his many experiences in rural, county seat and suburban churches to develop a missional and contextually relevant congregational witness.  “Grace has always been a faithful and strong church.  All they needed was a clear path to walk,” the author recently said.  

The book is written to anyone who is new to Grace and has a desire to know more about how the church functions and what they believe.  A unique feature in this book is the Enhanced video additions of the author sharing his personal views before each chapter.  It is truly a first for the Christian community, as Enhanced ebooks are not available yet on all Ebook platforms.   After seeing this book, many churches are surely to follow in a similar fashion for their guests and visitors by creating and developing their own Enhanced ebooks.  It is a new and advanced way of sharing the timeless message and story of Jesus Christ and His followers.  

Jeremy Vickers is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.  He lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri with his wife, son and their golden retriever.  

Here is the link.

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