Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Suburban Dream- When Helping Hurts

Over the next few weeks we will discuss homelessness and poverty in Lee's Summit, Kansas City and Missouri.  Some of us struggle to understand the problems behind poverty because we assume all conditions are the same.  We also assume everyone has the same gifts, abilities and chances as we did.  We have a tendency to become very judgmental toward those who are in a perpetual cycle of dependence.
What would it take to break the cycle of dependence?  What would it take to move someone from poverty and homelessness to someone with a home, a job and finding their way again?

A few things must be named as we proceed to help us better understand the journey we must take to change the lives of others.  Change begins with us.

2400 sq ft home √
3 car garage √
Mini van and SUV (maybe a truck) √
Perfectly manicured lawn √
2.5 kids √
Two income home √
Frequent Kids Sporting events √
Frequent the Farmers Market √
Frequent Costco/Sams √
Always tired √
Always running √
Eat meals on the way somewhere with kids √
Credit score not where is should be √
Too much debt √
Gave 2.4% of our income to charity √
Maybe attend church, maybe not √
Overworked √

Maybe this describes us, maybe it doesn't.  Many have written and spoken on trading the Kingdom of God for what we believe will fulfill us (insert earthly dreams here).

Wealth does not bring happiness, usually it brings more headaches and problems.  What are we working toward?  Step off the hamster wheel, and walk away from the rat race.

If you are looking for a second chance at life or just need some rest, join us in worship this week as we begin to radically change the our walk with Christ.

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