Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Social Media and the Church Part 3

3. Types of Tweeters or Twits

I've been on Twitter for less than a year.  I have once opposed the micro posting, micro bogging, 140 character discussions with hashtags that seemed to give anyone and everyone a voice on anything and everything.
After using Twitter, I realized the error of my early thoughts.

There is a main Twitter feed of who you follow and then a list of what's trending.  Twitter uses hashtags # to begin a group conversation about and event or issue.  You can search specific issues or events to see what people are saying.  For our Annual Conference last year the hashtag was #moumc or #moumc11

When using Twitter beware and know that there are different types of folks on Twitter.  There are many lists on the web about types of people who tweet, so I am borrowing a few and placing them here.

1. The guy or gal (teens) that don't realize they have an open status and post terribly inappropriate stuff.
2. The business guy that has his Twitter set to send out tweets every 30 seconds (turns out to be noise, so no one really listens)
3. The political right and left tweeters
4. The company Tweets (usually promoted)
5. Christian tweeters (not all of them follow back- #fail)
6. Social Media giant tweeters (people who get this stuff)
7. Politicians (none do this well)
8. The unrelenting slam humorists (best to follow)
9. Actors (most are not funny or say anything interesting)
10. Singers/musicians/bands (usually fun to follow)
11. Local businesses
12. Local people who you will never meet but since you live in the KC area, so why not follow
13. New Organizations- favs WSJ, Washington Post, Huffington Post
14. Overseas guys and gals (you will never meet these either, but they live in england, etc and it's cool to see what they have going on)
15. Pastors- Sadly, most pastors do not have a clue about Twitter or even Twitter etiquette- follow back, at least your own church members, geez)
16. People who retweet but don't actually tweet
17. Inspirational/Philosophical Tweeters
18. Quote Tweeters- quote random things ALL THE TIME.
19. Writers, Bloggers, Authors- good to follow them- good insights, interesting stuff
20. The ____ Daily Is Out People- who write something every day, which you can take or leave
21. Fake Tweeters- Spambots- not a real person, just a program trying to get you to buy stuff
22. The buy my stuff because it's a good deal
23. The buy my friends stuff, because I get a cut
24. The guy who has nothing else to do but sit around tweeting
25. Non-profit/issue oriented/church accounts- Not bad to see what other people are doing

I hope those make sense.  Not an exhaustive list, but maybe that provides some insight on how Twitter can be a very cool way to connect or a colossal waste of time, just like Facebook.

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Go in peace and go with God.

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