Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There's a Spirit in the Air

There is a song in the United Methodist Hymnal that I really like, but we don't sing it very much.  In fact, I have only heard a few times.  What I really like about it is the words.  Here is verse 5.

"When a stranger's not alone, when the homeless find a home, praise the love that Christ revealed, living, working in our world."


Verse 6-
"May the Spirit fill our praise, guide our thoughts and change our ways; God in Christ has come to stay.  Live tomorrow's life today!"

Amen.  Hallelujah!

Those are some good words to hear.  Excellent words.  Beautiful words.

Let your faith today be one of hope, love and joy.  May your words, thoughts and deeds reflect the Grace and Love God has given us all.

Go in peace and go with God.

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