Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Love- Session 1 Follow Up (Tuesday Night Men's Group)

Last night we discussed the first part of the book.  There were several reflections I thought I would lift up for those unable to attend.

1. pg. 22- The "problem isn't the fact that we're lukewarm, halfhearted, or stagnant Christians.  The crux of it all is why we are this way, and it is because we have an inaccurate view of God." emphasis added by me ;0)

2. pg. 29- "Most of us know that we are supposed to love and fear God; that we are supposed to read our Bible and pray so that we can get to know Him better; that we are supposed to worship Him with our lives.  But actually living it out is challenging."  again, emphasis mine

3. pg 31- "A lot of people say that whatever you believe about God is fine, so long as you are sincere.  But that is comparable to describing your friend in one instance as a three-hundred pound sumo wrestler and in another as a five foot two, ninety pound gymnast.  No matter how sincere you are in your explanations, both descriptions of your friend simply cannot be true."  em

4. pg 33- "Can you worship a God who isn't obligated to explain His actions to you?"

We talked about a bunch of other stuff, but those were the things that I wanted to share again.  See you next week.

Here is the sign up list-
March 8th- Chapters 2-3 - Dave and Ric
March 22nd- Chapters 4-5 - Sean and Jeremey
March 29th- Chapters 6-7 - Denny and Tom
April 5th- Chapters 8-9 - Joe and James
April 12th- Chapter 10, Notes and Conversation - Kramer and Russ

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