Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Even though today was not what you might have expected, there is hope.  There are many days that do not go as orchestrated.  Expectations are created and then when not met, we find disappointment.  In that, there are two ways to go.  Misery or hope.  If you are disappointed with life and see nothing changing, you can just keep going down a spiral of shame and sadness.  Going it alone will lead to that, if you let it.  But there are people around us who care.  Some days it might not seem like it, but they do.  We should not shut people out because we are angry or upset.  And blaming others gets us no where.  So, we turn to the God of faith, hope and love.  We find faith when we take a leap.
We find love that is freely given if we can receive.
And there is hope that today I can make a difference.  There is hope in salvation.  There is hope in the kindness of a stranger.  There is hope, sitting right next to us saying, "You can make it, I'm here."
If you know someone who is struggling, don't ignore them.  Be there for them.  Be the light.  Help them find their path.  Give them space, but let them know you are here and there is hope.
Go in peace and go with God.

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