Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Are You For?

It's easy to figure out what people are against.  Just talk to someone and they will tell you.  Negative gripes, mean spirited words, and opinions have been elevated into some sort of high art form that is lauded as something unique, gifted and important.  Here is a secret.  Anyone can tear something down.  Anyone can gripe.  It does not take a Ph.D to speak poorly of others.  We are called to build each other up, not tear each other down.  I value your opinion, and I hope you value the opinions of others.  Our opinion is not the only view.  It is truly sad to see God loving people take disagreement to a new level of accusations and using the Bible or parables to speak poorly of others.  Watch the news and you will see it happens too much.  Jesus said,"for whoever is not against us is for us".  In others words, treat everyone as if they are your friend unless they give you cause not too.
Please remember that most people do not have bad intentions.  In fact, most people have good intentions.  Look at your own life.  Can someone tell more of what you are against, or more of what you are for?
So what do you stand for?  Righteousness, goodness, faithfulness, peace, joy, hope, faith or love?
Go in peace and go with God

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