Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take a Risk

Are you playing it safe?  Do the choices you make daily reflect fear and worry instead of hope and joy?  There are phrases out there that we use that keep us from moving forward.  One of them is: "you have to go along to get along."  Another, "to change the system you need to be part of the system".  Or another favorite of mine, "change the system from the inside out".  This kind of thinking leads us to not take risks.  Some of us avoid risks at all costs.  I was once lectured by another pastor that I should take more risks.  Funny story, he himself was not taking any risks.  Maybe risk for one person looks different than another.  It may not be smart to take risks.  Wise thinking would tell you not to take risks.  For me, part of taking a risk is linked to sacrifice.  To move forward with integrity I have to take risks.  Playing it safe does not always get you in the end zone.  Think about the fans at the end of a game that see the quarterback kneel down three times and run out the clock.  Do we cheer for that?  How about the coach that doesn't trust his quarterback and hands the ball off three times in the red zone, only to try and kick a field goal?!?  Cheer for that?  Without great risk there is usually no reward.
Lots of people talk about WWJD- what would Jesus do?  I'm not sure I can guess what he would do in all situations, but I do know that he took risks.
He took a risk when He constantly challenged the Pharisees.
He took a risk when He preached the Sermon on the Mount.
He took a risk when He reveled that He was the Messiah.
His life was full of risk.  Is yours?
Friends, please consider today why you are doing certain things.  Are you taking the least path of resistance, or are you taking risks in the name of Jesus Christ?
Go in peace and go with God.

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