Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let's Think About It This Way

Does your daily life mirror the life of Christ?  In my last post I talked about spiritual disciplines and reflected on a friends journey and my own journey.  A spiritual discipline is like having a good habit.  It's something that is ingrained in your daily life.  It's like your daily cup of coffee.  You never go without.  So from morning to night what jumps out at you that screams "I am a Christian"?  Anything?  Something?  Nothing?  It's tough to be known as a disciple is absolutely nothing in your life points to Jesus Christ.  Leonard Sweet in his book "Jesus Manifesto" says, "Jesus isn't a cause.  He is a real and living person who can be known, loved, experienced, enthroned, and embodied".  Whoa.  You mean I can't just be a CINO (Christian in name only)?!?  I have to be someone who makes disciples of all nations, loves God, loves my neighbor, declares that the kingdom of God is at hand, helps those who are in need, builds up (not tear down) the body of Christ and I have to be the light of Christ.  Tall order.  Big shoes, or sandals.   Be filled with God, not the world.  Let love, not: anger, hate, malice, confusion, frustration, power, authority, the world; be your guide.
Go in peace and go with God.

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