Monday, August 9, 2010

Ingredients that Work

I like to make salsa.  Every year we make our own salsa from ingredients mostly from our garden.  There is no better salsa than fresh homemade salsa.  We continue to fine tune the recipe.  We don't have it written down, so we have to remember every year how to make it.  So this year I knew there was something missing in my first few tries at salsa.  It just didn't taste right.  I had ripe tomatoes ;0), onions, cilantro, salt, lime juice, vinegar, minced garlic, green and red peppers and a jalapeno.  It tasted good, but nothing like last year.  What was missing?  It took a few tries but I finally figured it out....(dramatic pause for religious discussion)
This happens in my faith life as well.  I will reach a certain point of growth and then forget how I got to where I am.  It's a bit frustrating to have new learnings forgotten.  How easily we forget what God has done for us.
Being a Christian and living out the Christian life takes a few things too.  I will not give you the recipe, but some of the ingredients include - Jesus Christ, prayer, the Word/Bible, service and you get the picture.
Back to my salsa story.  So one thing I had added the previous two years were green chilies from a can.  Mild of course.  And it makes a world of difference.  It just seemed like that one ingredient kept being taken from my memory.  So we are back to making great salsa after several weeks of confusion.  So what is missing in your life of faith?  Church?  Service?  Ministry?  Prayer?
Go in peace and go with God.

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