Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Heat Is On

This past two weeks have been the longest stretch of hot temps that I have ever experienced.  I remember one stretch when I was in high school one summer in July, but every day I walk outside and it just feels like a furnace.  I know electric bills are going through the roof as air conditioners are running almost non-stop.  Cooling stations are opening up, the libraries are packed, as are the pools.
In life the heat sometimes gets turned up as well.  Whether it's work life, school life, married life, kid life, church life or whatever, the heat is sometimes on.  How do we deal when the pressure is building and steam is coming out our ears?  Do we blow up?  Do we attack?  Do we accuse?
I've seen and experienced both sides of a blow up.  It's been awhile since I have been the one blowing up (many, many years thank the Lord).  But I have experienced people blowing up.  The thing about a blow up is...what's next?  Sometimes the blow ups are so big that there is no chance of repairing a relationship.  It can be years before best friends talk again after a blow up.  So here is my suggestion today- find a place to cool down before you blow up.  You can feel the pressure building and yet, you do nothing to stop it.  Try and go to a place, a person, a church, a pastor, a counselor, a friend, your spouse to help you cool down.   Some people say it's good to get it out, to vent...usually those people are the ones venting and blowing up.  Talk stuff out.  Work it out.  And if you want to get all religious, Jesus only blew up a few times and well, he was the Son of God, so what it our excuse?
Go in peace and go with God.

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