Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The ABC's of Ministry

During seminary the term ABC's of ministry bounced around a few of our classes.  The ABC's stand for
Many churches gauge how they are doing in the world by checking the stats and comparing with other churches. When we reduce the body of Christ to those three things we really miss the point.  Yes those are a few indicators or where we are, but by no means do those things tell the whole story.  If there is a business of the church it is the business of making disciples.  New disciples.  Sadly it's rare in the church today.  Most of our churches are just recycling or reconnecting people who have fallen away.  Now I am all for reconnecting and recycling.  But we have a larger calling.  There are Unchristian, non-churched, never been to church, never heard the Gospel story, far from God, lost and miserable people out there in the world today.  We assume everyone in our communities have heard about Jesus.  They probably have because of Christmas and maybe Easter.  But what have they heard?  If we allow the media to explain and share our message through the lens of the edges and extremes of the Christian church, then shame on us.  The next two generations are turned off by the church.  They are not coming as fast as other generations.  Is this a crisis?  Should we focus all our time, resources and energy and figuring out why the next few generations (X, Y) really don't like the church much?  Should we read all the latest books and talk and talk and talk.....?
Or is there a different path?  A simple way?
New church start pastors are told they need to make 10 contacts a day with new people to get a church up and running.  Ten new people a day!  Wow.
If you are sitting in church every week and looking at the attendance listed on the back of your bulletins, but do nothing to increase that number personally, have you missed the point?
If you look at the giving every week and have not moved your giving up in the past few years, have you missed the point?
Are you more focused on your current building or the new building than who might be coming to the building, have you missed the point?
I pray every day for the Body of Christ.  I pray every day that God will continue to bless us, guide us and lead us down the path He has placed before us.
Go therefore and make disciples of ALL nations (people).  It doesn't just say our friends and family.  All.  Everyone.  Anyone.  Who will you share the Gospel with today?
Go in peace and go with God.

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