Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ministry- Serving 1

This morning as I sit here at Camp Galilee, I am thankful for those willing to spend time in service of God.  This week, there are 58 campers at Ultimate Extreme Jr. High Camp.  This week we are talking about "Call to Ministry" and "Heroes of the Bible".  It's a pretty big week of camp.  Last year we maxed the camp out with over 200 of us.  I think we are just under 200 this year.  None of what we do here at Galilee would be possible if it weren't for God loving Christians willing to give up a week of their life and come here to be counselors.  On the Jr. High side we have twelve counselors, six male and six female.  They are each paired with another counselor and then assigned cabins.  They help teach and lead the week here.  They are spiritual guides for all of the campers.  They are simply an inspiration.  So this week I say thank you to Katy, Andrea, Rachel, Erica, Andy, Mike, Rocky, Milton, Geoff, Tommy, Kyle, Kelly and Lynsey for serving in ministry this week as camp counselors.  God bless you all!

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