Friday, July 23, 2010

Jude Martinez Update

Today I thought I would repost a note from Sara (Jude's mom) from his caringbridge site.  This entry should bring smiles, tears and joy.  There are good people in the world and when we ask in faith, it is received.

Good morning Friends and Family!

Jude is doing fabulous! This has been the best stay yet - probably because I know it's our last!!! Jude has continued to drink enough on his own that he is only connected to his IV pole while he's getting his chemo. Usually if he wasn't drinking enough then he'd had fluids continually running whenever he's not getting meds to make sure he stays hydrated. But since he's doing so good he is free most of the day - which allows him to bounce around the room like a monkey. Yesterday him and I were racing through the hall with him on the tricycle. I remember a time when I'd see other kids doing that outside our room and wishing Jude felt that good. I am just so grateful for where we're at in treatment. God is awesome!

I wanted to share with you a really neat thing that happened to us. It's no secret that Jude loves superheros, especially Batman. And since we've had nothing but time on our hands here at the hospital Jude has really developed a love for Legos and building the sets (he's actually very impressive to watch - he can build things all by himself by following the directions). Well he's gotten all sorts of Lego sets - all except for one - Batman. The reason is because Batman Legos, either individual pieces or complete sets, are a collectors item since they are extremely hard to come by. Apparently what happened is Marvel was bought by Disney during Lego's production of the Batman series which caused Lego to have to stop producing the sets mid-way through. This caused the price of these sets to skyrocket! Sets were starting in the $300's! And of course what Lego set do you think Jude wanted most of all???? You guessed it. Now, like most other parents of a kid with cancer I'll give him most anything he wants - but I haven't lost my mind completely so there is no way I'm spending $300+ on Legos that will probably eventually be sucked into the vacuum. But then again I think I got asked for Batman Lego's everyday (multiple times a day) for the past couple of weeks - maybe even the past month or two! I've said to him "Jude I don't think there are anymore" and he replied "yes there are, just go to". (how he knows '.com" is a wonder to me) - but he's a smart little guy - I can't get anything past him. I finally told him that he's going to have to ask Santa for them and that Santa might not even be able to make them anymore (and Santa was going to write back of course and say sorry it's not possible). He was so desperate he was including the request in his prayers at night. And one night he wished on The Wishing Star (like in the movie The Princess and the Frog) for Batman Legos - I mean C'MON!!!!!

So my wonderful, wonderful mother-in-law got to work. For those of you who don't have the absolute pleasure of knowing my mother-in-law, Mary, you have to know that she gets things done. I love her for many reasons - and this is one of them. And I know that she would also want me to include that it's not her, but Heavenly Father who allows it to happen - which I believe also, but He definitely uses her as a tool in the equation! She must have a good 'in' with Him :) haha.

So Mary tries contacting Lego and they respond saying there are none to be had and the lady she talked to said that if she had any in her own personal stash she would give them to us but she doesn't even have them. That's when she explained the whole Disney buying Marvel, etc. So then Mary emailed as many other companies she could. Finally ONE company came to the rescue! It's a company that sells on Amazon, and who I'd seen before when I was checking out the crazy prices for myself on Amazon. They sent Jude a box that was labeled "Open me at the hospital", so we did just that. Clint and I knew they were Legos but surely thought they wouldn't be Batman ones. So Wed when we were leaving for the hospital Jude made sure that we had that box! Usually when we park in the garage I leave most of our stuff in the car and then once we're get a room up on the floor then I'll go back to the car and bring up all of our stuff - but Jude insisted that the box come to clinic with us!

So when I finally open the box I think both Jude's and my jaw dropped open! They so graciously gave almost ALL of the individual figurines (I mean, they start at like $30 a piece! - I'm pretty sure one of those start at $50!), 3 different Batman automobile sets, 2 large Star Wars sets, some Star wars figurines, and a HUGE bag of misc pieces! These generous people gave him hundreds of dollars worth of Legos!!!!!!! In a market where people are greedy and try and get ridiculous amounts of money FOR TOYS - these people gave Jude something he wouldn't have gotten otherwise. He played with those ALL DAY Wed and ALL DAY yesterday - I'm not exaggerating! So, here is the link to the Henchman's Bricks storefront on Amazon:

If you need Legos of any kind please consider buying from them! Or if you know of anyone who is looking for Legos please suggest them! I feel like this is the least I can do for their generosity!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!


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