Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Loud Noise

Ever notice how a really loud noise gets your attention? Sometimes is just causes you to turn your head. Other times, those loud noises cause us to startle, or even awaken from a deep sleep. Our hearts race and our senses come to life for a few moments.
Over the past few weeks we traveled up into the mountains between 4000-7000 ft. Storms move in and out all the time. Rain. Ice. Snow. Below is us driving into a cloud.

I heard thunder one night crack through the woods. It sounded like 1000 trees exploding at the same time for about ten seconds. It is a very unnerving worrisome sound. The next morning, no damage. The clouds were gone and there were blue skies.
The storms of life come and go. Sometimes they sneak up on us, other times, loud noises (signs) signal their coming. So be prepared. Trust in the Lord and hopefully most of the storms are just loud with little impact. Fear not. Go in peace and go with God.

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