Monday, May 3, 2010

Trees and Fruitfulness

Yesterday I spoke of a scarred tree in my front yard. Several years ago in the life of this tree someone hit it with a lawn mower (not me) and scarred the tree. It did such damage, that the tree is permanently stunted. It will only grow so much. It will produce leaves every year that don't look very healthy, and in the mid summer the tree really struggles. No matter what we do, it can't be fixed. The advice of a tree expert was....."cut it down".
There it was again standing there just struggling. We cut down a honeysuckle tree yesterday in the yard but did not cut down our wounded tree. Why? Not enough time in the day.
Some of us have been scarred or wounded during our lives. Some spiritual wounds are so deep that we still carry them with us today. We have not fully healed and don't feel we will ever heal. We also use those spiritual wounds to keep us from growing. We are called by God to be fruitful. We have many excuses that we give and share to not be fruitful. Those are too many to list here. My advice today is this- seek a path to healing and vitality in your life. Do not let your past struggles and pain keep you from future glory and victory in Christ.

And yes, some day soon, that tree will be cut down because it is not effective or fruitful. It's unproductive.
Go in peace and go with God.

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