Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Know Your Limits

Ever heard that phrase? Maybe from a parent or friend? When we are younger, we feel as if we have no limits. Life is limitless. Dreams are everywhere. Some of our dreams are absolutely impossible to achieve, other than by and act of God.
When I was in Jr. High I dreamed of playing professional football. NFL dreams.
No, baseball was never my favorite sport, neither golf or basketball. It was football. I watched and learned everything I could. Sadly, I realized this somewhere in High School that it was just not possible. Call it genetics or luck, it was probably not to be for me.
Now we all have dreams. We have hopes. And some of those hopes and dreams never come to be either. The problem is really that they don't come, it's how we deal with it.
I could have chosen to be bitter and angry all of my life for not achieving that dream. How about your dreams? Have you achieved them? Are they still out there? Or sadly, has it not come to be?
If you have a dream, do everything you can to achieve it. Don't just sit and hope it happens. Make it happen. And remember, sometimes, our dreams don't happen. But that is not reason to be angry or upset. Trust in the Lord and follow the path He sets before you.
Go in peace and go with God.

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