Saturday, May 15, 2010

Choose Peace

This week you are faced with a choice. Do I become frustrated or angry over something that has happened OR, do I just let it be and move on? This dilemma is one many of us face every week, or sometimes, every day. In our legalistic judgmental bodies, I don't have to be frustrated that someone driving inattentively almost caused a huge accident today because the weather is a bit rainy. I can pray for that person and hope that they would care more about others than themselves. Not paying attention is a huge struggle for some. We become so wrapped up in our own world of smiles and cries that we neglect to look around at the people right in front of us. The more we focus on our own needs and desires, the more miserable we become, because life is not about fulfilling those things. Life is all about the love. How we show it, share it, give it and live it.
So today, make a serious and intentional effort to choose love and peace. Don't let a mess somewhere else mess up your place.
Go in peace and go with God.

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