Monday, April 19, 2010

There He Was Again

Saturday morning I saw him again. Last spring I was sitting on the deck reading and I heard the sound of cyclists cruising on Ward Rd. And inevitably, there are a few stragglers. Last year there was one guy. Just riding by himself. Well, I heard the group coming again this past Saturday. They blew by, probably thirty of them. So I waited to see if he would be there and he WAS! Looked like the same guy. They group past and about a minute later a guy wearing the same clothing, obviously part of the group, was riding by himself. There is always someone at the back of the pack. Rarely do the ride in the front. They can't for some reason keep up. But does that exclude them from the group? Should we abandon them and ignore them?
Some days I feel like I am leading the pack, riding true and nothing can stop me.
Other days, I am in the back, barely able to keep the group in sight.
Be careful with how you encounter others. You never know who you are talking to and honestly, we should treat all if we are encountering the living Lord.
Go in peace and go with God.

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