Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Job Description

Have you ever heard someone say "that's not in my job description."? I have. And sadly, they are good people not willing to go the extra mile. I might have even uttered that phrase a few years ago when I was overwhelmed with school, work and life. We are all guilty of limiting ourselves and our time.
We have a tendency to say yes too much and say no too much. Nice double speak pastor ;0)
We say yes to things that sometimes pull us from our core mission.
We say no to things that we fear and might lead us to our core mission.
Every day I have to and need to utilize the moments I have to the best of my ability to glorify God, not myself. That does not mean I stick to some specific set of rigid rules about what I do and what I don't do, no in fact, I am open to where God leads me. If I have a set view of what I am supposed to do, sometimes I exclude opportunities to work stuff out.
Today the church phones were out. The trustee chair called At&t. They said it might be awhile. My sermon is finished. I am still working on Sunday stuff, but I had 15 mins this morning playing phone repair guy. Now, I do not always have time to figure things out, but today, I had a few moments. So after walking around the property see if anything had been dug up, cutting our lines and walking the path of the phone line, I went back inside. Talked to Phil (guru of much knowledge on many subjects). He lead me to a few places to look and everything seemed fine. I was about to give up and then I remembered something that many computer profs had taught me. Always check the power supply. So I switched off the power then turned it back on. Voila! They all work. So, add to my job description phone repair guy (not really).
So today, do something different. Deviate from your normal routine and see where God leads you. It might be connecting with a friend or maybe mowing the yard for someone else today. And remember to always keep the spotlight on God. Go in peace and go with God.

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