Monday, April 5, 2010

Grace, Simply, Amazing

Yesterday was Easter. Yesterday was Easter all over the world. All churches, I mean, all Christian churches celebrated Easter on the same day!
For us, it was a record setting attendance Sunday, great job Grace. Here are a few highlights from Sunday.
The Choir sang two songs and did an absolutely amazing job. Thank you Sharon for all you do and the strong leadership you provide.
The praise team lead a beautiful and inspiring service as usual. Nice job on adding in a hymn ;0)
Special music was Loren, who is also playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar this week.
Thanks to the greeters, ushers, a/v team of Toni and Lee, excellent job to all.
Thanks to Kathy for the ultimate Easter egg hunt- I have never seen so many kids going in so many different directions and all smiling. Excellent job.
I also greeted and talked to numerous first timers and returning guests. Thank you for your kind words and we hope to see you again.

I need to also lift up a few things from Holy Week.
Good Friday- Thank you choir and Sharon for helping create a deeply moving worship atmosphere. Thank you to Robin for sharing singing. It was amazing. Of course, thanks to the praise team.

Thanks to all the guys who help share the Living Last Supper. Each one of you did a perfect job of placing your own identity into the drama, which allowed for us to all see the distinct and different views of the disciples. God bless you all and we are all better for having been apart of such an moving experience.

A few words linger from the week.
Amazing. Inspiring. Moving.

Yes it's Monday and I am a bit tired, but I am blessed. I am blessed beyond measure that I serve God here at Grace. Grace is simply amazing.
So it is amazing Grace.

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