Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank You Pleasant Hill UMC

A big thank you to Pleasant Hill UMC for allowing to preach at their Lenten Vespers service last night. This year the overall theme has been "young preachers". I guess being in my 30's I am qualified to be a young preacher. Really appreciated the great hospitality that was offered from PHill folks, and the other churches in attendance. Belton, St. Paul's in Raymore, Harrisonville and Peculiar UMC were all in attendance. It really shows how connected the UMC is when it comes to joining together to worship and share our hopes, dreams and thoughts about ministry. The Cass Co UMC's have a huge task ahead of them these next few years. Hundreds and thousands of people will be moving into the Cass Co area over the next few years. The county population has jumped 20,000 in ten years. I pray that the pastors and church leaders of those five United Methodist Churches will continue to work together. May God bless them as the endeavor to partner and work as one body to reach those who are far from Christ. Gracious God, be with them as they reach out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through words and deeds.
Go in peace and go with God.

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