Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Is Near- Time to Plant

I like to see things grow. Over the past few years our garden has really taken off. We have gone from a small 8 tomato plants providing 200 tomatoes to 40 tomato plants providing 750 tomatoes. As the weather warms and we shed the winter blues, we look hopefully toward spring. A time when flowers bloom, trees come alive again and gardens are planted. Jesus spoke of sowing seeds and that the seeds that are put in the good soil will grow. Soil needs to be prepared to receive such seeds. It has to be worked up and if needed, nutrients need to be added. You do not just have plant spring up with a seed being planted properly and in the good soil.
In the life of the church spring also means Easter is near. Easter is the big day. Every week we celebrate a mini-Easter in church- celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation. On Easter, families we have not seen in a while make their way back to the church to replant their faith, the sprout again and be renewed. It is a truly joyous time.
Who in your life right now needs to know about the love of God in Jesus Christ?
Be sure to sow generously the love of God.
Go in peace and go with God.

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