Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A religious holiday in the beginning, has now turned into a worldwide secular holiday celebrating the culture of Ireland. One of the more significant things that has stuck is the wearing of green. As usual, most of us are probably wearing green today (although a few hosts on the mornings shows were not in the Irish spirit).
Anyway, one of the symbols of St. Patty's day is the three leaf clover. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
The story of St. Patrick is from the 400's ad. Difficult to know what is legend, myth or true. But the story goes that a young man named Patrick was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave. God speaks to him in a dream and tells him to flee. He goes back home (Britain) and trains to become a priest and is called back to Ireland, the land of his captors, to save the Irish.
He died March 17, 461 ad. The Irish Christians hold him in high regard.
Imagine the love that was in his heart for Patrick to return to a place where he had been held captive to spread the good news. The words of Jesus on the cross echo for me when I think of Patrick- "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do".
Go in peace and go with God.

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