Monday, March 8, 2010

Elevator Faith

Is your faith taking you closer to God or away? I ride a lot of elevators. Some make weird crunching noises that worry me. Why should I worry? I have faith. I'm not ready to go yet though. Each day we either move closer to God or away. We don't just hang out. Either we are growing or not. Imagine and elevator being your journey of salvation. Very similar to the yo-yo faith, when we live the life we are called to live we move closer to God. But when we sin, we move away from God. One of the more difficult things people do not realize is that sometimes others are on the elevator with you. They are along for the journey and if you are a leader, well, sometimes when we sin people might follow us in the wrong direction. Make sure your motives are pure and that your heart is right with God when others follow. It is a humble and wondrous experience to be a servant leader for God. Just make sure you are leading others to Christ, not away.
Go in peace and go with God.

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