Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Big Thank You

My spiritual journey has been full of ups and downs. Yesterday I read a great STORY about former Kansas Basketball player Wayne Simien. As I read, I thought about my own spiritual journey.
I started as a student local pastor in 1998. I was in my second year of seminary and received an appointment as an associate pastor. Before that, I served as a Christian educator in a UCC church for two years. Before that I was a ministry intern in a couple of churches near Wichita. While I was in college I met two guys that helped me along my faith journey.
The first was a campus ministry at KU named Ed Killeen. He was someone who led a Bible study in our fraternity. It was the first time that I remember the call to ministry surfacing.
The second was a pastor at First UMC in Winfield Kansas. His name was Rick Frisbie. He was pastor there for something like ten years. He made time for the college students every month to meet and talk about their future, their faith and just about anything. He taught me a lot and I appreciated the positive influence.
So, thank you to Ed and Rick. I have absolutely no idea where you two are these days but thank you for your time, your effort and kindness.
Go in peace and go with God.

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