Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow Cover

Is the snow ever going to leave? Imagine living in Alaska where the snow in on the ground for months and months. The snow was pretty for a while, but now, it just seems to be in the way of business. It's slowing things down. People are still getting in accidents due to the ice. Have we not all learned to drive on the ice yet ;0)?
The snow did blanket the countryside. It did look beautiful for a few weeks, that is, until the sand, dirt and melting makes it dirty snow which does not look that nice. It's still snow, it's just a bit dirty. As we see the pictures of the hurt, suffering and pain-filled people of Haiti and it's tough to see beyond all the destruction and misery. They are people. Their world looks a lot different than ours. They may seem far away but they are really not that far. When you drive down town in Kansas City and see people begging for money and food, do you see people or have you learned to ignore what you see? It seems that we so much tragedy on tv that we have become desensitized to all the suffering. Just remember, those who suffer are not that different than you or me. We are people. We are privileged to live in the US. We have food, jobs (less than usual), opportunity, freedom, liberty and a bunch of other things that allow us to be the richest country in the world. So, take a few moments and clear your snow covered eyes and see what is real in the world. See who is in need. Help those who are in need.
Go in peace and go with God.

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