Monday, January 4, 2010

Jesus of Nazareth- sermon follow-up

Yesterday I shared in the message the discovery of a dwelling in Nazareth around the time of Jesus. Here is the story.
Before this find there was much debate if Nazareth existed during the time of Jesus. This was due to the lack of physical or written evidence of Nazareth before 300/400 ad.
Scholars are now saying that Nazareth during the time of Jesus was a small village of no more than 1200 people. So, he grew up in a small town, which when one of the disciples mocks Nazareth "could anything good come from there?"
We also discussed the possibility of his upbringing and what he was taught growing up Jewish in Israel- especially regarding the Samaritans.
Jesus encountered the woman at the well and let her know where salvation was from and that she too could have living water.
He revealed himself to be the Messiah to her very early on in his ministry.
As we begin this series I encourage you to dive deeply into the scriptures and search for your understanding of Jesus. Passages referenced on Sunday were-

Matthew 2:19-23
Matthew 13:53-55
Luke 2:25-32
Luke 2:36-38
Luke 23:3
John 4:7-10, 22-25
John 1:41-42

As you begin your new year, please remember to start the year right. Build some bridges to new people and repair some bridges with people who you have struggled with this past year.
Go in peace and go with God.

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