Monday, January 11, 2010

Cheers or Jeers for the Snow

I'm not sure when it happens. Somewhere in a sad dark adult place in our heart we make a turn. It is a subtle turn, not a big one, but it really changes things in our hearts, minds and lives. At what age did we adults decide that snow is not fun? Now I personally know numerous people who prayed for a white Christmas and thank you very much Lord, it was received by most of the country. But after a few days of bitter cold temperatures and after the holidays are over adults don't have the joy-filled smiles on their faces that were witnessed not but just a few days ago. Where is the desire to run outside right after school/work and go play in the snow? Oh, adults

don't do those things anymore, because we are adults. Hmmm. Maybe it's when we have to drive to work in the stuff and instead of thanking God for our blessings we curse other drivers for their lack on intelligence on matters of driving in ice and snow and any other reason we can think of during our commutes. After a few days of hiding inside because of the very cold weather it was time to experience to beauty of God's creation. A drive through the James A Reed Wildlife Area can change your perspective. People out ice fishing, yes I said ice fishing, taking pictures, taking walks, just a beautiful day. As the snow fades away this week and the streets become quite passable remember that childlike joy as that first snow covers the world and brings smiles to the faces of little ones. Go in peace and go with God.

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