Monday, December 21, 2009

The Shelves Are Almost Empty

Walking through the local stores this weekend I noticed something. Many of the shelves are empty. The hot toys are mostly gone. Few toys remain from the last few weeks. I guess most people are finished shopping. If they have not, they are doomed to disappointment, unless they are looking for books. The book stores are stocked. They are full. Plenty of the best sellers, the latest and greatest, and plenty of the classics. As for the stores, the shelves are nearly bare. There are still toys to be had, but many less than last week.

As she walked through her house she noticed the shelves were nearly empty. This year has been a tough one. Her husband had lost his job. The kids were struggling in school. Life had not turned out like she planned. Thank God for the local food pantry and toy drives. If it were not for them, they would really be in trouble. Thankfully there was just enough food there for the several hundred families that showed up last week.

He walked alone, as he had for many days. No job. Family was at the shelter. No room for him. He wandered around for the last few days trying to listen to God. He prayed. Prayed some more. No, he would not stand on a corner and ask for food or money. He could work. He was still useful. Tonight would be a cold night. Thank God for the Red Cross. They had delivered meals this evening to people on the streets.

Thank God for what you have and what you do not have...

Go in peace and go with God.

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