Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Memories

Where will you be spending Christmas eve and Christmas day? Church? With family? Alone?
Here at Grace we have a 5 pm, 7 pm, and a late 11 pm service. Each one is a candle light communion service. Open communion for all.
When I grew up we would go to church (unless I could get out of it by convincing my parents that I didn't need to go) on Christmas eve, usually the early service and then we would read the Christmas story from Luke. Many families enjoy this same tradition. This year Grace is starting a new Christmas tradition that will continue hopefully for many years to come. On Christmas day between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm we will received to go boxes full of food for the homeless. The Red Cross will distribute it for a Christmas dinner to anyone out there in the KC area in need. Right now we hope to have 100 meals delivered to Grace and then sent out into the world on Christmas evening.
If you are in town, please consider picking up a to go box and bring it full of your leftovers from your Christmas dinner. Please make a difference in the life of someone who might be homeless, lonely, hungry, hurting, sad and cold. Choose to be a difference. Choose to be a blessing.
Contact our church office if you would like to help grace4allmail@aol.com . Thanks. Go in peace and go with God.

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