Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What motivates you? Is it a desire to do good? To serve God? Or, are we motivated by our own needs and desires? One way is the way of God. The other way, well, that is the way of self or the way of the world. Our main motivator should be the love. Love of God, neighbors and enemies.
The single mom who works two to three jobs, goes to bed at midnight and gets up at 4 am , works because she loves her kids.
The grandparents who welcome their grandchildren into their home after mom or dad can no longer raise them are motivated by love.
The family that stages an intervention for their son who struggles with alcohol and drugs do so because they love him.
Love is not always able to be seen by the receiver. Some reject love. They fight it. They are so tangled up in their own web of destruction and sadness it's difficult for them to believe that love exists.
If someone hits you...they don't love you. If someone calls you names and is verbally abusive...they don't love you.
Someone who constantly speaks poorly of others, is always causing conflict, is hurtful to others does not do so because of love.
Gossip is not loving. Being mean to others is not loving.
God is love. To follow Christ means that I am motivated by my relationship with God in Jesus Christ. I am motivated by love.
Be a person motivated by love, compassion, kindness and peace. Go in peace and go with God.

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