Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Facebook Status- Please be joyful

Alright to all you facebook users out there, just a note of caution. If I only read your status updates I would assume that your life is miserable, that the sky is falling and that there is no hope. I would know that you are addicted to caffeine, I mean ADDICTED. Most of my friends on facebook are Christians. I know life is rough, but shouldn't we be joyful...well, at least once a week ;0)
Goodness people, snap out of it. Yes, I know many of you are sick and I am praying for you. I know that the morning ALWAYS comes too early. What you disclose on facebook can and will be used against you some day. People are being fired for their status updates. Our camp director at Galilee says that if you will not friend him on facebook so he can see what kind of person he is hiring, he won't hire you.
I guess it is with all things that negativity sometimes drives ratings (how many comments you receive). What I am really trying to say is that we should be a light in the darkness a not a gloomy cloud of sadness and misery. So, shine today. Shine in your office, your school in your community. If today is too tough, then plan on shining tomorrow. Go in peace and go with God.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chore or Joy

Some things in my life are chores. They are things to do. Things to check off. Things to get done. When you were a kid you probably had chores to do. If you grew up or are growing up on a farm then you know what chores are all about and many of them are things that need to be done. Usually daily. But there are other tasks that are a joy. We go about doing them with smiles and grins all day long. Ultimately it comes down to our attitude. Check out this great video from many years ago that might help you remember to enjoy the day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pray Today

Pray today. Say a prayer for a family member or friend. Pray for that coworker who just lost their job. Pray that God would reveal to you a plan for your life.
Say a prayer for your schools, local business folks, your community, the homeless and anyone who needs a prayer. Let your prayers move you to action in your church and community. Speak to God and listen. Listen.
Open your heart and be available and ready.
Pray for blessings, guidance, deliverance, others and faithfulness.
And remember, the prayer does not have to end when you say Amen.
Go in peace and go with God.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Your Blueprint for the Day

I have plans for the day. I have a list. The list is full of things I need to finish today. Today is not a terribly busy day, but I do have several significant things I need to cross off my list. Some of them are personal, some are work related and others, well, not sure how they were added to my schedule, but I get to take care of them. So many of my days are shaped my tasks. I need to finish this before I can finish that.....
Now I am not complaining. I love my job and I have a wonderful life. I feel really blessed. But as I look at some of my days I wonder if I have scheduled so many things in my blueprint for the day that God has a difficult time making it into the schedule. Most of what I do of course if focused on God and our relationship. Sometimes the busy day really pushes God out and my thoughts in. So, how about you? Does your blueprint for today include God? Or, do you too have a huge list of things to get done and God has no place?
Pause. Wait. Listen. Open your day with prayer and thanksgiving. Change it from your blueprint to God's blueprint for your day. Go in peace and go with God.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raining On Someone's Parade

Stop raining on someones parade. Are you a joy taker? If so, just quit. One of the truly sad things I see is someone who is living it up for God be deflated by a mean, nasty and negative person. Can't we rejoice with those who rejoice? We should. We are supposed to...
It's ok to vent to a friend. It's ok to talk with God and help you get out of your funk. It's ok to ask others to mourn with you. It's not ok, and not appreciated to rain on someones parade.
Rejoice with those who rejoice...rejoice!
Encourage. Pray for. Lift up. Be a light in the darkness. Blessed are the meek. Love one another.
Go in peace and go with God.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Need A Moment

A good friend of mine is fond of saying "I need a moment". Whenever she is stressed or struggling, she says "I need a moment".
There is a well spring of living water in Christians. It should never run dry, but I fear that some think, or feel, or believe they are running on empty. They don't feel the presence of God in their life. They don't believe that God could love them because of their past or their sins. Some have set such a hectic pace of life that burnout and stress is destroying any chance they have at finding or seeing joy. Is your well running dry? Do you feel empty? If so, STOP doing whatever you are doing and turn back to God. God is always available and willing to talk. Take a moment. Tell your boss or professor.."hey, I need a moment."
Spend some time in prayer. Listen. Go outside and watch the leaves change. Watch the clouds move through. Do you see the squirrels busily putting things away for winter? Take a moment and enjoy the day.
Go in peace and go with God.

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Bright and Shining

Hey all. It's a bright and shining day today. The skies are blue. Light clouds. 75 degrees. What a beautiful day. Well, it's not that way here. It's 40 degrees, dreary and raining. But somewhere in the world it's a beautiful day. Oh to be there. But it can be a beautiful day in your heart, mind and soul. Is the son shining in your life? Have you seen the light? Shine that light today. For some today it's a dark and dreary day. Sadness is upon them. Be a ray of hope in an otherwise drizzly day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What motivates you? Is it a desire to do good? To serve God? Or, are we motivated by our own needs and desires? One way is the way of God. The other way, well, that is the way of self or the way of the world. Our main motivator should be the love. Love of God, neighbors and enemies.
The single mom who works two to three jobs, goes to bed at midnight and gets up at 4 am , works because she loves her kids.
The grandparents who welcome their grandchildren into their home after mom or dad can no longer raise them are motivated by love.
The family that stages an intervention for their son who struggles with alcohol and drugs do so because they love him.
Love is not always able to be seen by the receiver. Some reject love. They fight it. They are so tangled up in their own web of destruction and sadness it's difficult for them to believe that love exists.
If someone hits you...they don't love you. If someone calls you names and is verbally abusive...they don't love you.
Someone who constantly speaks poorly of others, is always causing conflict, is hurtful to others does not do so because of love.
Gossip is not loving. Being mean to others is not loving.
God is love. To follow Christ means that I am motivated by my relationship with God in Jesus Christ. I am motivated by love.
Be a person motivated by love, compassion, kindness and peace. Go in peace and go with God.