Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learning From Each Other

Yesterday I had occasion to sit down with 5 preacher friends and talk about preaching. We all graduated and were ordained within a few years of each other. Most of us knew each other along the path through seminary. Most of us are from the area (Missouri/Kansas). Over lunch we discussed a book on preaching and then our approach to preaching. The diversity of styles, planning, preparation and delivery was great! It was wonderful to hear how others approach the task of preaching each week. Some are big planners, weeks or months in advance, some are not planning but a week out. Some use the lectionary and some preach series. We had discussed checking our egos at the door and trying to listen and learn. After our discussion of the book one of us handed out a copy of sermon that was to be delivered soon. It was a truly fun and exciting day to be able to learn, listen and discuss what is next in a friend's church. I know that one of our preacher friends is preaching on signs this weekend and I know that church is going to receive a great sermon because I had to blessing of being able to read it before it was preached. Very cool.
Who are you connecting with these days? Are you listening or telling?
Please pray for your preacher this week as they go about the task of praying, listening, researching and sharing God's word with the church.
Go in peace and go with God.

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