Monday, August 17, 2009

The Woodchuck

As I was reading the amazingly popular 2nd book by Ron Ostlund (Squirrels in the Mist), I was startled to my feet by Rheau (roo-our puppy) who was fussing at the front door. I walked over to the front door to see what was the matter. I saw what can only be desribed as big ball of fur with claws. I was not sure what it was. I could not get a great look at it, but it was taunting Rheau so I persisted. After some time I was able to snap a shot of it with our camera.
Over the past few weeks I have seen glimpses of him. I assumed it was a rabbit, big squirrel or a cat, never seeing him fully. I had only previously seen some fur sticking out from under shrubs or under our Blue Spruce. Rheau has been going crazy these past few weeks. And of course, something has been eating tomatoes in the garden. For approximately the last 4 weeks an animal has been devouring tomatoes. Six in all. We thought- rabbit, squirrel, opossum, raccoon, but never good ole woody woodchuck- otherwise known as the Marmota monax, the Ground Hog.
After some discussion, animal control was called because of his aggressive nature- sitting on the front step staring at Rheau. They set a trap and caught....a baby opossum. Since it's raining, they don't bait traps in the rain, he persists on our front porch. He has eaten none of what was left from the trap. Just comes out between 2-6 pm and sits on the front porch.
It's been a busy and hectic week and I anticipate as much this week. We would have never noticed this little guy if Rheau hadn't been so stirred up. It is so easy to miss stuff when we are busy. Take a few moments today and enjoy the rain. Don't curse it even though some of your are moving. It will let up every now and then. Enjoy the day with family and friends. And remember to always go in peace and go with God.
p.s. Will keep you updated on the Saga of the Woodchuck who likes to sit on the front porch in the afternoon.

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