Monday, August 24, 2009

Unassisted Triple Play

There are some rare things in the world. You might even say there are some oddities. One of those rare and strange occurrences happened yesterday in New York. Eric Bruntlett, 2nd baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies completed and unassisted triple play. He was able to catch a hit from the batter (out 1), touched second base as the runner had left for third (out 2) and tagged the first base runner because he was near 2nd base already and was unable to run back to 1st (out 3). Not only that, his play ended the game. Now that is rare. Ending a game with the unassisted triple play has not happened since 1927. Was it the right place right time for Eric? Was it luck? Who knows. But it is rare.
What are the rare things in your own life? Is there something rare that should not it rare to find you serving in mission to help others?
rare to find you sitting in church?
rare to find you being kind to others?
Friends, rare things are not always good. Go in peace and go with God.

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