Monday, August 10, 2009

Storms Come Whether You Are Ready Or Not

Last night some big storms moved through Lee's Summit. I mean, BIG, HUGE, LOUD! The rain and lightening was not all. No, there was hail to really drive hope the point that there was a storm going on. I had not seen anything in the forecast for the weekend that indicated rain on Sunday night. Forecasts said that the rain would be up north. So I watered the lawn yesterday. I took the advice of who I considered the best people in the weather biz and they did not predict what happened. Oh well, my lawn has twice the water. Storms pop up in our lives whether we are ready or not. I might be prepared one day for a storm and then no rain. Next day, not ready, and BOOM, big storm. I've heard the line about choosing to dance in the rain during storm, but I don't always like to get wet. So what do you do with a storm that comes when you are not ready. FIND SHELTER. Seek it. Look for it. RUN FOR IT. I'm usually prepared for storms because I been living like I should. But you just never know when a storm will come. Sometimes they arrive at our lowest moments.

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