Monday, August 3, 2009

Say it Like You Mean it

Ahh, the dreaded phrase beloved by parents and teachers. When we were younger we probably heard that phrase a few times (some more than others). When something comes between you and someone else there comes an important time in the life of the relationship--decision time. Time to decide if you are going to bolt or stick it out. Then the something needs to be dealt with and quickly.
Joey was a good kid, but had a knack for getting into trouble. One day Joey hit another kid on the playground, tripped a girl, ate half of the sack lunches and hid the teachers purse. Joey had a knack. Several of the teachers who supervised recess took Joey straight to the Principal's office. Karen had seen Joey before and knew that he had a knack for getting into trouble. So, she marched him down to his classroom and made him apologize to the kid he hit, the girl he tripped, the kids who did not have a sack lunch, the teacher who still could not find her makeup contained in her purse, and all of the teachers who he cussed at during recess as they carted him off to the Principal. Needless to say, Joey had a knack for getting into trouble.
As he apologized a girl in class noticed that his apology was not sincere. She raised her hand and the Principal called on Gwen, "Mrs. Principal, Joey is making faces while is saying he is sorry. He doesn't mean it."
And there it was, just hanging there like a storm cloud dumping inches of rain on him. "Joey," the Principal said, "Say it like you mean it."
Who do you feel sorry for- everyone who was terrorized by Joey or Joey?
This week we talked about Repentance. To repent is to know you did something wrong, ask for forgiveness/say you are sorry and then choose to change the behavior.
What transgressions do you need to repent of?
Go in peace and go with God.

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