Friday, August 14, 2009

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House serves families who have children receiving treatment for a serious illness in an area hospital. Many of us have heard about what they do, and you probably know someone who has actually stayed at a RMH. They are in constant need of volunteers. One opportunity that we can all help with is serving a meal. They have a website that lists if a evening meal is being served or not. If no one is listed, that night is open. You contact them and they set you up to serve a meal. The Cherry St. house serves about 30 people on average. Could you make a meal for 30 people and drop it off up there? Probably so. It's another of numerous opportunities in the Kansas City area that we all have to reach out and help others. If you have time and have a few friends willing to help, give it a try. Four of us cooked a meal for the folks at RMH last night. All the families were so gracious and very thankful. It was an honor to serve those who are going through a tough time. Churches, corporations and civic groups sign up every day to help. Prayerfully consider helping others. I know we are all busy and time is something difficult to find. Go in peace and go with God.

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