Thursday, August 20, 2009

Need Back Up

Zack Greinke is an all star pitcher. He should have won 20 games this year. Instead, he is 11-7..maybe 11-8 now. He might win a few more, but will not make it to a 20 game win season. Why? He is maybe the best pitcher out there. Because...he has very little back up. You could be the best pitcher, quarterback, running back, goalie, setter, spiker, bball forward and if you don't' have back up---you lose. Barry Sanders was probably the greatest running back of his generation and how many Superbowls did he How many did he play Team matters. We need a good team of people around us to help us win. We need wins in our life. Victories for some come all the time. Victories for others rarely come. I often wonder of those on a losing streak, is it the coach (pastor), players (church leaders), fans (members and visitors) that drags the team down? The Bible tells us that bad company corrupts good character. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are people cheering you on or dragging you down? Being on a team means we help each other, back each other up and help each other succeed. Sadly, I know some people are on a team and play as if they are the only one on the team.
Be a member of the team. Pray that wins come, not losses. When the losses come, be there for each other and be prepared for that next victory because you never know when it's your time to shine.

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