Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have been in numerous meeting lately. Usually I don't like meetings. Many of the meetings I have attended in my life end up making very little difference. Here is the deal- some people believe you can go to a meeting and change things- some people believe that you go to a meeting to get your two cents in- others might believe it's fun to go to meetings to cause trouble (trust me, I have seen it happen). When meetings are a redo of whatever was talked about in the previous meetings, or if I go to 3-4 meetings and they have the same general information, I am bored! It is a waste of my time. This often happens, but does it have to happen? No. We made a general rule, a policy you might say, that we do not meet at Grace without purpose. We follow a very strict agenda of reporting and discussion. Most meetings do not last more than an hour. If they go over an hour, everyone who attends is free to leave after the hour, but usually, we know when we have pressing issues, so going over the hour is ok. I'm sure many of you have sat in meetings that have no outcome and no application to anything relevant in your life and as such, you don't like meetings. I have enjoyed several of the most recent meetings here at Grace. Whether it's talking about evangelism or the new building (tedious though), I have enjoyed listening to the thoughts and dreams of our members. Next time you attend a meeting here do so with passion and joy. Share your hopes and dreams. Be a positive influence in the church and in your community. Spend time getting to know the others around you and listen to their hopes and dreams. Go in peace and go with God.

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