Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Different Pace of Life

There is a different pace of life in the country. I grew up in a county seat town (relatively small) in Kansas. My grandparents lived and worked on a farm. Their office was out the back door of the house. City life is very busy and we always seem to be driving somewhere. My grandparents would only "go to town" if it was vitally necessary, or for church on Sunday. In the country there is time to listen to the wind while working. You can see the clouds roll in off the prairie. I can't even see the horizon from my house because it's blocked by subdivisions. Don't get me wrong, living in the city affords us so many opportunities and conveniences. It's great. But the pace is sometime daunting. There is not much traffic in the country. Traffic in the city is described as a "nightmare". What is truly amazing is that many of us long for a slower pace of life, wish we were not running, running, running and yet, we keep doing it. We have bought into that pace of life. Sometimes we are running so much that we sleep in on Sunday and skip church because we are tired of running. We push and we are pulled. We run on empty for weeks and never refuel our spiritual body. We are running so much sometimes we don't have time to rejoice or to grieve. Do me a favor. Take care of yourself. Spend some time this week looking up at the sky (there are shooting stars this week). Spend some time in God's creation. Just because we chose the fast paced life doesn't mean we can't stop and enjoy creation. We just have to put it into our calendars and schedule the time to enjoy it. Go in peace and go with God.

James A Reed Memorial Wildlife Area (not in the country, but a slice of heaven in our backyard)

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