Monday, July 13, 2009

Ultimate Extreme Camp was Ultimately rather Extreme

We did it. After 8 years directing, and even more years as a counselor and camper, we maxed out the camp. It was a mix and confluence of events that I don't fully understand, but I fully praise God for it all.
My first year as a director at Galilee 40 youth showed up. Galilee at the time had 220 beds. Over the next few years a theme and a vision began to form. How about we put together a week of camp that would allow churches to send 4th through 12th graders...and we did.
With the Ultimate Extreme Elementary, Ultimate Extreme Jr. High and Senior High Leadership, Camp Galilee set a record. With campers, counselors, directors and core staff, 255 people gathered over one week to worship, learn, fellowship and experience God.
From what Brad North said, "It was the largest week of camping in the history of Galilee". This is due to the addition of the west cabin a few years ago and of course to a huge push to invite, invite, invite children and youth to camp.
Thank you to Nancy Owen, Lee Smith, Loren Bridge and Stephanie Smith for leading and directing the three camps.
Did I mention while these three camps were going on, there was a horse camp too? Wow.
Thank you to Brad and Janet for all of your tireless and faithful work. Camp Galilee continues to be a premier camping site. You have both done a wonderful job.
Thank you also to the 62 campers and leaders that attended camp this week from Grace. You are a true blessing and it is an honor to be your pastor.
May God continue to bless Grace UMC, Camp Galilee and everyone with whom we encounter. Let us be a light in the darkness.
Go in peace and go with God.

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