Monday, July 6, 2009

Take out the trash

After the 4th of July in our town is a bit of a mess. I drove to church the next morning and observed a massive amount of spent fireworks. A big mess. Most people wait to the morning to clean up the mess because it is too dark to clean up that night.
In our neighborhood there were some pretty serious fireworks going off. We have joked in the past that we don't need to buy fireworks anymore, everyone around us shoots them off for us.
Inevitably, someone does have to clean up the mess from the party. Our lives sometimes are a spiritual mess because of the parties we choose to attend, and the lifestyle choices we make. In your life right now, is there anything amiss? Does something not seem right? What kind of spiritual trash have you let into your soul?
We had loads of trash from the weekend. With family up, and everything else going on, there were a few extra bags of garbage left at the side of the drive this morning.
It's trash day....what spiritual trash needs to be taken out?
Go in peace and go with God.

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