Monday, July 20, 2009

Strategies for Evangelism

Do you have one? A strategy for evangelism I mean? Maybe you have talked about people who you should invite to church or thought about sharing your faith story with...but, it's not a top priority. Our lives are full of other stuff. Our ministries are full of other stuff that stifles our desire and willingness to reach out. Failures have piled up so many times that the frustration keeps us from trying new things. I believe that every person needs to know Christ. Out of that belief I am led to act. My conduct, my speech and my life need to be focused such that my witness does not diminish the chances that someone my respond to an invitation to discipleship. Church is a great way to help others find God. Making that invitation is sometimes frightening to Christians. We must try. Fear should not keep us from doing something we know that is eternally important.
Right now half or more of our churches are dying. Numerous churches are in conflict. Some feel we are bailing water on a sinking ship.
The church is the best place in the world for people to make a connection with God. Pray. Seek God's guidance.
Develop that strategy. Talk about it and then do something. Don't just talk. Shake a hand, invite someone, love your neighbor---get to know your neighbor!
Too many have been lost and it's time we start moving in the right direction. Push. Pray. Follow. Encourage. Move. Go!
May the God of the universe bless you in your endeavors.
Go in peace and go with God.

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