Friday, July 10, 2009

Sending the Campers Home

Tonight I will preach that last message for our campers week of camp. If my figures are correct, over 190 campers and 40 to 50 counselors and directors made this week of camp the largest of the year. Great job staff and leadership at Camp Galilee!
What a huge blessing for Ultimate Extreme Elementary and Jr. High camps, and Senior High Leadership. I have heard great reports all week from the three camps.
All of these campers will return home on Saturday. I pray they will take the camp spirit back to their local churches. I pray that they will choose to try and renew and strengthen their local churches. The theme today is growing in Christ in evangelism. We are asking all the campers to head back to their community willing to share their story of faith with their friends and neighbors. We encourage them to invite people to worship, to youth group and to VBS.
Please pray for our campers, counselors and directors. Pray for me as I share the message.
Pray that the Spirit be with us all as we gather in worship.

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