Thursday, July 16, 2009

Right Frame of Mind

Have you ever heard that phrase- I was not in my "right frame of mind". People utter those words every now and then for multiple reasons. Sometimes they made a mistake and would like a bit of grace. Other times, people have done something outrageous and would like to claim that it wasn't them who committed the indiscretion, it was their "wrong frame of mind". My question is- What led you to leave the right frame of mind and how can you keep that from happening again?
Sin is something that all of us deal with, usually on a daily basis. There are the little sins and then there are the big ones. There really is no difference, but in our minds we sure pretend there is, especially when we are the ones doing the sinning.
Again, what leads us to a frame of mind to sin? Are we pushed there? Does someone else set us off? Or, do we make a clear and serious choice to walk that path because we have neglected our spiritual life? Admit it, most of the problems we create come down to us neglecting our spiritual life. We don't pray. We don't read our Bibles. We don't talk to God or other Christians. We speak poorly of others. We just become a mess of sin and then we wonder why life is not going right.
Qualification- I know some people who suffer have done nothing wrong and are struggling due to other circumstances- that is not who I am talking about at all.

No, I am talking about those of us who instead of claiming responsibility for our actions would rather choose to believe we were not in the right frame of mind. Next time you see yourself walking down that road, look for a STOP sign. Stop. Then run as fast as you can away from that road and maybe, just maybe that impending struggle that sin led you too won't have power over you again. Choose to live a transformed life.
Go in peace and go with God.

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