Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life and Death

What is the sum of your life? Is it made up of parts or is it the big picture? I reflect back on the many experiences and relationships (good and bad) to better understand the impact and influence our lives have on others.
I would like to think that the love that we show others, the help we have provided and the light of Christ that we have shined in this world best sums up what we are about...of course there are children, church, work, school, family, friends and numerous other things that fill our days.
At the end of our days here on earth I hope our legacy is more than a bank account.
I hope that more people than I would ever imagine have been helped by something I said or did.
I pray that through my actions that many people have turned their lives back to Christ and that new believers have found their way to Christ.
Helping others is what our focus should be, instead of helping ourselves.
Go in peace and go with God

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